Month: April 2019


AMMPARO Migrant Children

Get involved Pray for the safety of migrant children and families on the journey and for justice as they reach their destinations. Become a Welcoming Congregation to accompany these children and families through their transition to life in the U.S. Link to resource. Advocate for justice for migrant children and families. Accompany migrant children and families through the Guardian […]


Nativity Adults Ask Some of Today’s Tough Questions

Through small group reflection and conversation, Nativity folks are challenged by spiritual questions. What does it mean to grow in faith? What do you do when you know God is there but you can’t feel it? How does God use ordinary people? How does faith initiate and support social action? What is church? Is there […]


March Shark Madness was a hit! 

A group of 30 or so gathered early evening, eager to bond, connect, and offer a world of support. Or more accurately, a team. Nativity members and Thrivent investors came together for the second annual Shark Tank television show inspired fundraising event. Teams, groups, and individuals presented projects, events, missions, and fundraisers all hoping to […]


Beer & Hymns

Another successful evening for Beer and Hymns!  43 people attended from 9 different congregations.  A special thank you goes to Paige Buck for her leadership role as Freda was on a well-deserved vacation after retiring from her full-time job.  Great job Paige! The next Beer and Hymn events have been scheduled for Monday June 3rd […]