Month: February 2019


Immigration Yesterday and Today

Members of the Wednesday AM Bible Study spent a session looking at the exhibit on recent immigrants, and comparing those stories to immigrants who arrived in the US in the early 1900’s. One observation was that both sets of immigrants had similar motivations for settling in a new country: ability to find work, freedom to […]


Movie Night Recap

The first Anti Racism Team (ART) Friday night movie of 2019 watched Harvest of Empire film. It was a documentary reviewing the United States relationship with Latin America, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico since our nation was formed. It was an eye opening, informative history that has present day implications for our immigration/asylum […]


Women in Action – Days for Girls

A group of 19 women with Nativity Women in Action group gathered Sunday 2/10 to prepare postpartum kits for two hospitals in Madagascar. Lorna Larson from Nativity explained the obstetric fistula problem and how the postpartum kits will help women in Madagascar until they can get surgery to repair fistula. The goal is to have […]


Hearing Loss Presentation

Thirty six people attended Popular Topics on Sunday, February 3rd to hear Dr. Rolf Skogerboe, Ear/Nose/Throat surgeon. Dr. Skogerboe began by saying, “The favorite four letter word for people with hearing loss is the word, What?”  He presented examples to improve communication. Speak slowly and enunciate, particularly consonants. Look directly at people so they can increase […]